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Common mistakes to avoid in restaurant management

There are management mistakes that must be avoided when launching a new restaurant as they could have heavy consequences in time. If you are planning to open or extend a restaurant business, this article is for you! Your turn to play!

1. Offer a very complex menu

Many restaurants will aim to satisfy the requirements of all the customers and offer a very elaborated menu. We could think that this is a good idea and that all the customers will find what they are looking for. Unfortunately, it is not the case with the exception of restaurants that address only to tourists. Otherwise for the rest having a simple and stable menu will help maintain the house customers and having a stable income.

According to the researches made by bornemouth , the ideal menu for a classic restaurant is to propose 7 starters, 10 mains and 7 desserts.

2. Ignore Competition

The number of restaurants increases continuously. For this reason, it is not enough to only focus on your business but you must permanently analyse your competition. Firstly, this would give you an idea of where you are, as market position, compared to them. This will also allow you to remark what works, you may get new ideas about decoration, management as well as new plates. The most important benefit in analysing your competitors is to observe their week points and avoid making the same mistakes.

3. Not using new technologies

In order to have a modern restaurant, it is necessary to keep the pace with new technologies. Firstly, you must have an online presence: a website; a Google presence so that everybody can find the restaurant, the time table and the menu. An app is also important to have for house customers. A strong Social Media presence is essential for interacting with your customers, for attracting new customers and it is an excellent amplifier of audience as customers like to share content. Be aware though of negative reviews because they do matter and influence new customer perception!

You need to remember that the technology is there for improving and facilitating the administration of the restaurant with software applications that all you to manage reservations; internal order processes (from table to kitchen) or even accounting software. New technologies offer a better system for customer serving and table management. You may watch here such an innovative product.

We, at GAMA York, distribute the innovative Re-Bells devices for the optimisation of table management. Please contact us for further details.

4. An inadequate environment (lack of harmony)

Decoration and ambiance are essential for the success or the failure of any restaurant. Decoration will capture the eye and the spirit and sometimes it is due to it that a customer comes back to eat in your restaurant. Reflect upon it – if you offer excellent food but your place has no personality, will the customers come back? There is unfortunately a big chance that they don’t because when eating out people expect more than good food, service and environment are also important when making a choice, especially if your customer comes with a friend or a family.

On the contrary, you need to reflect on the overall theme of your restaurant business: the materials, the colours, the furniture… We would suggest working with a professional in the field of internal decoration.

However, the environment does not consist only in the decoration, but also in the quality of the service which can only be obtained if you have a professional team. The team spirit and its dynamism and its cohesion are extremely important. On the floor, your team needs to be at the continuous disposal of the customers and always smiling. There should also a very well organised order management between the floor and the kitchen. Everybody should work together to bring the plates effectively and fast. We know that the rhythm of the restaurant should be a sustained one.

We GAMA(York) are a UK catering supplier who also offers advanced business advisory in restaurant management, restaurant effectiveness, operational management and Social Media advisory.

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