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If you are reading this article it’s because you are a new entrepreneur and you want to start your own restaurant or you are already the owner of a restaurant and you are looking for advice on how to run your business.

Here are few pieces of advice on how to run a killer restaurant!

1 – The big tree

You should never involve yourself into the running of a restaurant if you don’t have the big tree: a good concept, a great chef and a good location.

Good concept: Find a good theme for your restaurant, something interesting, something that will make people talk about it. If people enjoy you place, they will mention it around them and it will increase your notoriety.

Great chef:You need to have a good chef, someone who will make the best menu because, what is a restaurant without good food?

Good location: city location must be near high traffic areas, have ample parking and preferably a good view. A well-chosen location will give more visibility to your restaurant and attract more customers.

2 - Have the right intention and a solid business plan

You have to know precisely what you want to do (including having a perfect marketing plan ready before you from the beginning). You need to stay focused on your objective and above all you should love what you are doing.

3 - Good but simple

“The key to failure is trying to satisfy everyone”. People do not like it when there are too many choices, they get lost too easily. You have to keep it simple, stay focused on your concept and on what you want to do. But remember, it has to be good!

4 – Seating

The place should be big enough to welcome the customers but not too big. If the place is not too large, it will be easy to seem full of outside when window tables are full.

5 – Do not be too much detail oriented

Do not give too much importance to small details. All people care about is a good table, good chairs, good plate and beautiful environment. The overall impression is what matters.

Another important element is the background music that add to the theme and help your customers relax and enjoy.

6 – Good financial plan

When you start your own business, you need to have a good financial plan. When you are estimating initial costs, add more for unexpected expenses. You never know what can happen.

7 – Team and team spirit

Human resource is the most important asset of any enterprise. First make sure that all positions are occupied by the right people and then, you can start building a real team.

Team spirit is very important when you work with a team. You have to love learning but also sharing your skills. In this way, you will never stop progressing and there will be a best working atmosphere. A good work atmosphere is very important to be more productive and advancing the business.

8 –Good staff

When people go the restaurant, they are initially looking for some good food to eat but they also want to have some good time and some fun. Otherwise they would have just order something and eat on their sofa. This is why you need to have a good staff, so the customers can feel comfortable in your restaurant and enjoy they time here.

9 – Memorabilia

If you have a good staff and some good food, people will like your place and will not hesitate to wear your brand (like Rock café for example). In this way, it will help to increase the notoriety of your company but also to increase the sales.

10 – Be generous

When we eat, we usually use more than just one napkin. So, if you are planning on running a restaurant, think about it: one napkin is not enough.

11 – Social media is important

Social media takes more and more place in our world, do not underestimates its power. They can be many ways to promote your business, do not hesitate to use them. Moreover, if people like what you are doing they will talk about it on their twitter or facebook or snapchat for example. It will make some publicity for your company.

12 – Create some motive for free press

Organizing some events in your restaurant can be a good idea to increase your notoriety. People will talk about it on social media or around them and it will make you free publicity.

Here we are, twelve advices you could use to run or to start you new restaurant. Follow them and you will successed. I wish you good luck.

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