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6 Tips for Better Staff Management in your restaurant

The hospitality sector is known as one of the most difficult work environments and it has one of the highest staff fluctuation rates. This is due to late hours, work during weekends, very dynamic and demanding jobs, lack of motivation and the list could go on.

Though, we all know that those key-employees who love their work and feel valued are extremely precious and a must for your success.

Based on our professional experience and research, we intend to help you with a couple of tips to achieve a better performance of your staff.

A few ideas about motivation

A recent study conducted by Monster on 16286 employees shows that motivation is determined by 5 factors: the job itself; working environment; working relationships; responsibilities and, of course, remuneration. This last one was considered the most significant by more than 58% of those interviewed.

Still if you think a raise of salaries will solve everything, you are wrong. Then what to do?

Firstly, I suggest you listen to each and every of your employees and take few minutes to find out the right mix that motivates each of them.

For instance, if somebody is unhappy about her/his relationship with the colleagues an increase of salary will not lead to anything.

Allow me to detail a little more the 5 factors above:

  • The job refers to the load and the nature of the position, potential development, autonomy

  • The work environment refers to timetables, working conditions (light, uniform, noise, exposure to chemicals etc.)

  • The work relationships include recognition, respect, friendship.

  • Responsibilities refer to the degree of difficulty of tasks and the level of risk.

Now that you have a better idea regarding the sources of motivation, here are few tips on how to increase it.

2. Create Team Rituals

Birthday surprises, Monday morning coffee, yearly parties are few suggestions but you can of course come with your own. I suggest you come up with repetitive events and rituals that increase the feeling of belonging to the group and are excellent opportunities to better knowing your teams.

3. Keep them informed and involved

For a higher degree of dedication, you need to make them feel part of the business. So, do not hesitate to inform them about the projects for the future, the financial health of the business, the achievements and the objectives.

Ask them to come with suggestions for business development and stimulate best ideas by offering presents.

For example, a weekly meeting to reveal the results of the previous week and the objectives and targets for the next one is always a good idea.


3. Let the employees take initiatives

The monotony of doing the same things every single day is a clear motivation killer. Give to your staff new responsibilities and let them take initiatives and they will feel more involved in the business and the future of the restaurant.

Your kitchen staff got bored of always preparing the same things, allow them to come with new ideas and create a weekly “Chef’s Special…”


4. Rewards

Each human need respect, encouragement and recognition. Each staff member needs to hear from you that they work is valued, is efficient or useful. For this reason, pay more attention to each of them, to their efforts and results and show recognition by rewarding them accordingly: career progression; salary raise; a financial incentive; a present are few options of how to do it.


5. Congratulate publicly and criticise privately

Public recognition of an employee in front of the whole team is showing that he/she is valued and it will show to the rest of the team what are your expectations from them as well.

Concerning telling off and criticising, it is much better to call your employee to your office and tell him/her privately what he/she has done wrong, but also how could that thing be done better. I would advise to let him/her come with the second part.


6. Offer help

For creating a stimulating work environment, your employees need to know that they can count on you. Show interest for their concerns and let them know that they can count on you. They should feel safe to come to you with their worries and professional ambitions.

Painted Heart

Do not forget that the happiness of your staff will be your happiness and the one of your customers!

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