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Glasses - a thoughtful Christmas Present!

Just few days to Christmas and you are still wondering what to offer that is sure to be liked?

Allow us to give one idea: glasses! Of course, you could add the bottle as well.

Luxurious Crystal Glasses

What is in fact crystal?

When they talk about crystal, people are often referring to a type of glass that is made from silica, lead oxide, soda or potash, and other additives. It is a highly transparent glass with a high refractive index. It is appreciated for its durability and decorative properties.

Cristallo is an Italian word was used to refer to Murano glass imitations. In the U.S., glasses with a lead monoxide content of 1 percent are automatically categorized as crystal. In Europe, on the other hand, crystal is defined as glass with a lead content that ranges from 10 to 30 percent.

The attributes of crystal that makes it special are related to thickness, clarity, refraction, cut, sound and weight.

If you want to impress and show style and class, the crystal glasses are an excellent choice.

Champagne Glasses

As it’s the time for celebration, no matter if you are a fun of the coupes, the flutes or the tulips, the Champagne glasses are a beautiful present.

Shot Glasses

If your friends like the shots, then shot glasses would be great present to consider. You could add few Christmassy recipes.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are common, but very useful as wine is many people’s favourite drink and a great companion for steak.

The versatile tumblers and hi-ball glasses

Maybe not so spectacular, but useful and practical, tumbler and hi-balls are a great gift!

Surprise glasses

The XXL Glasses that can take a whole bottle are also a funny gift to offer, especially for wine lovers!

Merry Christmas!

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