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6 Things to consider when choosing paper napkins

Napkins are a daily essential and account for up to 5% of weekly operational costs. Apart from that, they are an element of style and personality that you need to seriously consider.

Here are a couple of questions and answers regarding paper napkins that will help you chose the right ones for your business.

  1. Which size of Napkins should I use?

Cocktail Napkins 20cm tissue

25cm tissue

20cm luxury airlaid

Ideal for serving with drinks at the bar, these napkins are equally suited to cocktail parties and BBQs at home. They are useful catering disposables as they can help to prevent a sticky bar when served with drinks and are also ideal to serve with any light snacks.

Breakfast/ Lunch/ Snacks 2ply 33cm tissue

3ply 33cm tissue

2ply 40cm tissue

33cm luxury airlaid

This kind of napkins are a must-have product for cafes, patisseries, pubs, tearooms, snack bars, takeaways or events!

Dinner 3ply 40cm tissue

4ply 40cm tissue

These are the classic napkins! Large enough for a good presentation they are most commonly used in restaurants and hotels.

2. 1 ply, 2 plies, 3 plies ?

The answer is it depends how important is quality for your table presentation.

If for the smaller napkins 2 ply is enough, I would suggest 3 ply for dinner napkins so that your customers enjoy the soft touch and great utility.

3. How Many Napkins do I need to buy?

Your guest count per week will be a good indicator of the number of napkins you'll needs per week. Your guest count per week will fluctuate based on the time of year so a take the average guest count and add 5% so you don't need to call for special deliveries and pay additional fees for those.

Another thing to consider is storing space, because although bulk offer might be tempting, napkins boxes take plenty of space!

4. What colour of napkins should I use?

It depends on the style and general colours of your interiors. I would use the principles of harmony and common sense. But this choice is entirely up to you.

There moments, like Christmas when you would like to change to red or green.

5. Folded or unfolded?

If you decided that you will always want them folded, then you might consider to buy them so. It would save the trouble to have someone folding napkins instead of a more productive activity.

6. Branded or not branded ?

I would ask you how likely is it for someone to come out of your restaurant with a napkin?

Another choice that is entirely yours but when choosing branded napkins there is a minimum order requirement, generally of minimum 15 cases.

Are you ready to store 15 cases of napkins?

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