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3 tips on choosing the right disposable coffee cups

When you are running a café or a coffee shop to make a difference can be a real challenge as there is lots of competition. It is the kind of business where personality, character, style, but also safety and comfort do matter!

  1. Be aware of the insulation issue!

If you want to make sure that the drinks you serve stay at the right temperature when taken away, then you might consider the Ripple Cups.

Ripple Cups

The Ripple Cups are available in various designs and colours, but what makes them special and wanted is the triple-wall which provides the best heat insulation and includes a corrugated paper wrap that insures hand comfort and a premium presentation.

Ripple Cups

The Ripple Cups are made from high quality grade paper board and the ripples trap pockets of air between the inner and the outer layers of the cup will ensure the drinks stay at the temperature you would like it to be served. In the same time, the outside layer will remain cool and provide a comfortable and safe surface for your customer to hold.

2. Fashion and style can really make a difference

If you would like to offer a cup that is both trendy and as fashionable, then the VIP disposable cups may be the best choice.

The VIP range of paper hot cups have a style and they are trendy, fashionable and have high quality!

VIP Cups

VIP Cups

Just like the Ripple Cups, they have an excellent insulation and the compact ribs give the cup a feeling of extra strength. The classic two-tone brown design offers your customers the exclusivist and chic image that only a VIP has.

2. What about vibrant colours?

Why only brown and black? If your café is colourful, joyful and vibrant, then your cups should follow the trend. From now on, your customers might also be able to choose the colour of their cups, not only the type of coffee. Give them the choice!

Rainbow Range is a fabulous mixture of four vibrant colours within each sleeve in every carton. They are ripple cup, offering the best heat insulation and a new, cool and vibrant design! Manufactured from high quality food grade paper board, they will definitely make a difference!

Rainbow Cups

Whatever you choose, please remember that disposable coffee cups matter, they are an important and highly visual element of differentiation. When choosing them, make sure they match the style of your café as well as the style of your regular customers.

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