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Corner Grill House - tastes like home!

There are restaurants that are chic or trendy, there are restaurants that are ellegant and restaurants that feel and taste like home!

Located close to Coppergate Shopping Centre on Walmgate in the city centre, Corner Grill House is one of those places that simply feel and taste like home!

It was a warm evening in September, one of those perfect nights when all you want is to be out and enjoy life. On that evening me and my husband were celebrating our wedding anniversary.

We left home thinking of a place that was cosy enough to enjoy ourselves and be able to talk. We wanted a good bottle of wine, excellent food and a feeling of home. With these in our mind, we chose THE CORNER GRILL HOUSE.

A beautiful, smiling girl called Veronica welcomed us and was ready to guide us through the menu. THE CORNER GRILL HOUSE is the universe of expression of its gifted and imaginative chef and owner Radek Bak. We had the pleasure of knowing him so we let him advice.

The ingredients in each dish tasted just perfect and Veronica told us that they are sourced from regional farms using seasonal products. What surprised us was the simplicity and creativity of each plate, the fabulous mix of colours that seduce the eyes and make you wonder.

Radek loves cooking meat and we love eating it so it was great to discover the genuine taste of meat as he cooks the sauces separately.

Veronica helped us pair the delicious food with a great Portuguese wine that brought sun and richness of flavours and aromas to our senses.

Did we spare some space for deserts. Of course we did as it was our anniversary, right ? I believe the photo bellow talks for itself: simply delicious.

Having the chef himself talking about his food, an excellent service of the waitress and an unforgettable food made us want to come back!

We GAMA(York) are delighted to be one of their suppliers.

15 Alexandra Court

James Street 


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