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Food Businesses Interiors Cleanliness – the first and last impression!

Do you own a food related business? Then please read, because this article is meant to help you! Cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation are essential ingredients for the success of any restaurant.

How do people choose a place to eat? Trip Advisor, media, blogs, recommendations of friends or family, but also the level of cleanliness!

We have previously written about kitchen hygiene, so this time we shall focus on how to create an excellent first and last impression of customers. Your food might be exquisite, your dishes artistic and your service irreproachable, but customer will not choose your restaurant unless is sparkling clean. Beside you definitely want to maintain a clean, pleasant and healthy working environment for your staff and to comply with UK regulations.

We, GAMA(YORK) team, aim to offer all the products that any food business needs to help maintain a high level of cleanliness and sanitation. We know that time and space can be real challenges for UK restaurants so pour products are specially adapted to help you face these challenges.

First impression is given by the windows as here is where your customers will look first. Most restaurants choose to use professional window cleaning companies, but on a daily basis it is essential to have in house those smart products that achieve brilliant results without smearing.

The Glass Cleaner Trigger Spray is a ready to use, fast solution for glass, mirrors, windows and tiles. The important thing is to use a disposable centrefeed roll! It will easily evaporate leaving a sparkling clean, smear free surface.

Another important element for a positive first impression, directly connected to emotions, is the interior smell as you want your restaurant to smell nice and fresh in all occasions. The ready to use air freshener is another must-have product.

This air freshener will neutralise bad smells and will deodorise both air and fabrics. It has an excellent value for money and it is designed to be effective against bad smells.

Then, of course, you want to have sparkling clean tables, counters, equipment and fittings and if they smell like fresh oranges, even better.

The Orange Extract Multi-Purpose Cleaner with a perfect orange scent is concentrated and has a wide range of use from removing chewing gums, graffiti and tar from carpets to removing grease, ink, adhesive and sealant from almost any other surface.

Of course, for all of sprays above, you need to have good quality, highly absorbent blue rolls. GAMA(York) offers Premium Centre Feed Blue Rolls that deliver excellent performance, outstanding durability and absorption. They are made from premium grades of paper offering greater strength and softness. They are 2 ply and 150 m, super absorbent, making it ideal for use in busy commercial kitchens.

Spotless wall and floors are mandatory for reflecting a high standards cleanliness.

Professional Pine Gel Floor Cleaner is a gel, a blend of natural oils, soaps and detergents. It is a concentrated product with a fresh pine fragrance, that when diluted into a bucket will be ideal for daily cleaning of walls and floors, even when grease is a problem.

Another must- have product is the Premium Multi Purpose Lemon Gel that has a lemon fragrance and could be used on any surface: floors, walls, plastic, linoleum, tiles as well as for window cleaning or polishing mirrors.

that has a lemon fragrance and could be used on any surface: floors, walls, plastic, linoleum, tiles as well as for window cleaning or polishing mirrors.

Glassware cleaning is as important as tableware cleaning and in most cases the glass washing machines sit under the bar and open from the front. As you know, they are very efficient and do not need separate dosing units as the pumps for detergent and rinse aid are included.

The Automatic Glass Wash liquid is an excellent, ready to use detergent that is non-foaming and non-abrasive. It is specially created to effectively clean glassware, and re-usable such as plastic tumblers and stemware.

The Automatic Rinse Aid will help glasses dry faster and streak-free leaving a long-lasting sparkling for an excellent impression.

And if you sell beer, we strongly advise you to have Professional Indicator Beer Line Cleaner that will clean, sterilise and remove any yeast deposits.

We GAMA(York) team strongly advise you to have your restaurant cleaned every day and allow us to give you few reasons to do so.

  1. To avoid bugs, mice, and other pests that might arise in a dirty environment.

  2. To distinguish your restaurant from competition by providing your business with a better reputation – “it’s Spotless!” or “it’s impeccable” is what you want to hear about your place!

  3. Your staff will have a beautiful and sanitary environment to work in.

  4. If you do it, it is scientifically demonstrated that your profits will increase as people are willing to pay more in a spotless clean restaurant.

In order to amuse you, here is a film from 1950 about restaurants cleaning in the US that is quite contemporary in terms of content!

Thank you for reading!

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