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Brew & Brisket –one of the best steakhouses in York !

Brew & Brisket York is a lovely place with extraordinary food and great ambience. We have just had an unforgettable experience!

As you already from our previous articles, we are a carne-loving couple and there is one area, we truly prefer regarding meat – the steakhouses and steak restaurants – these temples of meat that demand to be marked with a napkin tucked beneath your chin, a steak knife clutched in your fist and a juicy slab of meat in a pool of its own juices on your plate. From old classics to new-wave meateries where you can get your sirloin with a side of gnocchi, we enjoy to discover the steakhouses of the old York!

This Wednesday evening, we aimed for a calm, beautiful place, where we could have a good conversation, good wine and excellent steak, so we went to the Brew& Brisket – a new place which is a successful mix of elegance and rustic style just outside York.

The first amazing thing about the Brew & Brisket, that pleasantly surprise, is the garden, just perfect to enjoy a sunny afternoon with friends or family. We firstly enjoyed a bit of a rarely beautiful, sunny English afternoon outside and then we aimed for a warmer and more comfortable inside table. The atmosphere inside is cosy and friendly making guests feel like home. The pictures above can tell you all about it. We also loved the colourful, beautiful flowers that decorate the building.

If you want to warm up and get even hungrier, we suggest passing first to the chic bar where you could have a variety of excellent cocktails or just a simple, joyful beer. We started with an excellent German beer that I must confess I have tried for the first time. If you are a beer fun, we suggest giving it a try, it has an excellent taste!

But even those finicky eaters would be impressed by starters such as a delicious, rich Minestrone soup made of fresh vegetables and served with bread and butter!

Still, friends, come here for the steaks: amazing veal, great lamb chops or even fresh seafood platter – all was is simply delicious! Any way you carve it, this place stands the test of taste! Their steaks are thick, juicy and charred enough to be flavourful without tasting like carbon and they are served with British nation’s favourite chips. Big groups can order platters for three or more, and solo diners can dig into a filet mignon or sirloin and not feel like they’re getting the second-best item on the menu.

The steaks were all cooked to perfection and simply delicious! The drinks menu is extensive and the wine beautifully complements the steaks.

There is no complete meal without a fantastic dessert and the Tiramisu of Brew & Brisket definitely deserves a try! If you feel too full, the coffee will not disappoint you either! Whatever you choose, we can tell you it will be cooked to perfection and served with a smile!

All in all, the service was professional, polite and the food was first class, the place is well worth a visit!

15 Alexandra Court

James Street 


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