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Whisky, rum, vodka, tequila or liqueur: which glass to choose and why?

There is a right glass that unveils and magnifies the aromas of spirts (whisky, rum, cognac, vodka, tequila…)! Allow us to guide you towards choosing the ideal one for a complete experience!

The glass is an essential element to consider when drinking otherwise you’d have to drink from the bottle (not ideal …). The glass has the same role or even an enhanced one as a plate for a food- everything is the presentation and in the overall experience!

The spirts have organoleptic characters that make them different from other drinks. One of these elements is the temperature of serving which varies from 0 °C (for vodka and whisky) to 18 °C (ideal temperature for serving the rum and the Bourbon). What is also important to know is that the higher the temperature, the stronger the smell! Thus each glass should be chosen taking into consideration the specific of each drink for revealing the aromatic and gustative expression of each drink.

The glassware characteristics to be considered are: the appearance; the capacity; the perfume; the robustness; the temperate and the conventions!


It is said that we first eat with our eyes and we believe that is right for drinking as well. The right glass at the right temperature, with well-chosen decorations - makes the first impression! For example a beautiful Martini glass announces a refreshing, trendy and spectacular cocktail, while a vintage style glass makes us think of a classic drink.

Dimensions and capacity

A small stemmed glass tapers inwards toward the rim to concentrate the flavours inside is ideal for a sweet wine, for Sherry of liqueurs.

The ideal quantity of a Cognac in a glass should be no more than 2-3 cl so the Cognac glass should thus not be very big.


Certain glasses have a rounded form for concentrating the flavours and subtleties of special spirts. It is the case of the cognac glasses, for example. The bigger their bowl, the more elegant and luxurious the glass appears! These glasses are ideal to reveal the unique perfume of deluxe aged spirts.


There is a reason why certain glasses have a thick base; it is because they are ready to have the chock when we mix the sugar, the bitters and the fruits. On the contrary, the Martini glass is not the ergonomics kin, but its thinness serves to reveal the beautiful colour of the drink.


The long and not very large glasses maintain the ice cubes at the surface and a good choice for summer, long cocktails, while the stemmed glasses are meant to avoid you warming your drink with your hand.

As mentioned before, the Cognac should be served at a temperature around 20 °C. If it is hotter the warmth will exacerbate the taste of alcohol and it will unpleasant in the mouth. Moreover, the aromas will be liberated too soon and will destroy the tasting!


Beyond details, there are rules and expectations you must take into consideration in order to keep your clients happy! If a customer orders a Mojito, in most cases, he/she will not expect a Highball glass! However experienced and original bar tenders will tend to surprise you!

Allow to kindly remind you that consuming high quantities of spirits is dangerous for your health and you should appreciate and consume with moderation!

Thank you for reading !

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