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Vaqueiros – a culinary dream of Brazil in York!

Do you like steak? Lamb, veal, pork, or chicken …hard to decide… What about all of them and all you can eat and a fantastic overall experience!

When we go out, we hope for more than great food – a journey, a discovery, an escape from daily routine to dreamland, while spoiled with flavours and aromas. Luckily we live in York, a marvellous multicultural, and there are many restaurants where we could have various, special choices.

Last Thursday, we chose Vaqueiros, a Brazilian Rodizio which promised to unveil an authentic taste of Brazil with an unlimited menu of the finest cuts of meats and Brazilian side dishes for one inclusive price.

Firstly allow me to share with you the concept of rodizio. Rodizio means rotating, referring to a unique style of service where experienced passadors (meat carvers) pass from table to table slicing different cuts of meat and you pay a fixed price (preço fixo). Have I mentioned? It’s an all-you-can-eat style of restaurant.

Our diner table was provided with a coloured card. Green, on one side, indicates to servers to bring more meat. Red, on the other side, indicates the opposite. Doesn’t that sound ideal? Our steaks came one by one, following a ritual until we just couldn’t anymore. How was the taste of the steak? Just perfect! I am a fan of meat and I like it pure and that was just the raw kind of taste I was expecting. Lots of fun calls for a drink and a magic collection of cocktails and great wines made us feel more …in a holiday mood.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, another great add to a fantastic dinner is a friendly, helpful, smiling waiter or waitress, professional and humorous, ready to guide you through your culinary journey. Have we found those wonderful people in Vaquieros? We definitely have and we loved their sense of humour, impressive style of serving, guidance through the specials and promptness.

You probably wonder why go to Vaquieros on a Thursday evening? No, not because it’s a before weekend evening, or also because of that, but there was something else in there that made us chose the location- live music. The band wonderfully carried us to infinite, magnificent beaches of Brasil…and there’s enough place to dance if you feel like it.

The atmosphere was festive and the food was extraordinary! We loved Vaquieros!

15 Alexandra Court

James Street 


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