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The Rope and Bollard - something else!

Monday night and a long week ahead …What about live music, fine food and a relaxing evening with your partner or your friends?

Located on the bank of river Ouse, in the centre of York, The Rope and Bollard is a new, modern pub that definitely worth discovering!

What makes it special? Firstly you will most certainly be surprised by the interior which is originally designed and made of recycled materials. There is a brilliant mix of last century’s taverns and the very modern elements.

Then, when walking in, you will remark the open cuisine. I adore the open cuisines as I enjoy watching how my food is prepared step by step and be able to directly interact with the chef and choose my own ingredients.

If you are a beer fan, this is one of the places to be in, as they have a wide selection of local and international beers to choose from.

We chose a wine to go with a local style steak and we were surprised to remark a refined palette of wines to choose from, that would carry you on the path of savours to beautiful sunny places.

Well, all good, you’d say, but what about the food? Simply great! Local, fresh meat with extraordinary flavours!

I left at the end what we have liked best about the place – live music and place to dance! The atmosphere was amazing and we could sing and dance with friends!

If you do not believe us, give it a try!

15 Alexandra Court

James Street 


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