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Ave, CAESARS Italian! Great Italian food in York!

CAESARS Italian is a celebration of Italian food located in the heart of York!

If you are walking in the centre of the beautiful city of York and you feel like Italian food, you may want to stop in CAESARS Italian, 27-29 Goodramgate to enjoy a special food and a great view.

CAESARS Italian has an impressive, imperial name, but it a friendly, warm and special place with smiling staff and unbelievable dishes.

Italian food is very well known and popular all over the world, but in CAESARS we discovered a refined, researched and soigné version of it. It follows the tradition of the Italian food, but tastes differently due to the talent of the chef.

The dishes are not simply the composition of ingredients but bare a touch of home flavour, of personal and intimate. From starters to desserts all dishes came as a surprise, a celebration and a voyage experience that recalled the imperial, outstanding Rome!

The taste of sun and joy that each glass of Italian wine uncovers came as marvellous adding to the dishes.

15 Alexandra Court

James Street 


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