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Martini Cocktails with style !

It’s summer and there is such an exquisite pleasure in sipping a Martini Cocktail from a log- stemmed, Martini glass!

In case you don’t know it already, Martini is vermouth (wise mix of wine, plants, herbs and spices). It comes in a range of versions: Martini Rosso (Red Martini), Martini Bianco (White Martini), Martini Bitter or Martini Extra Dry.

In Europe, people drink Martini as it is or eventually with tonic, ice and olives.

In the US, “Martini” refers to a cocktail prepared with gin and vermouth and, sometimes, with vodka and other spirts. Of course, the log stemmed Martini Glass is a must.

Coming back to Martini cocktails, allow me to give you three recipes I personally like.

Martini Royal

This is a fresh cocktail with a touch of bitterness, the ideal prelude of a summery conversation.

In a Martini Glass, pour 5 cl Martini Bianco and 5 cl Prosecco. Add ice, squash ¼ of a lemon and mix.

Orange Bitter Martini

This cocktail has the lovely colour of the morning sun on a tropical beach!

Its light bitterness will be balanced by the sweetness of oranges. You could use a crystal vintage tumbler for this one; add 5 cl of Martini Bitter and 15 cl of fresh orange juice. Then add ice and few slices of orange. For a special effect, add a tiny colourful umbrella.

James Bond’s Extra Dry Martini Cocktail

There are many versions of this cocktail and plenty of legends and stories around it as well. The authentic version should be prepared in jug and then poured in a glass.

There is the mythic James Bond line “Shaken, not stirred”, which means that this cocktail should be prepared in a shaker and not mixed in a glass.

What is certain, this cocktail should be served in a proper Martini Glass, with an olive and spirals of lemon! How do we make it?

In a cocktail jug, add ice cubes, 2.5 cl Martini Extra Dry and 5 cl Gin. Mix! Take off the ice cubes and pour the drink in a splendid crystal or Italian style Martini glass! Add a an olive and few lemon slices.


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