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Fabulous Summer Cocktail - Sangria Verde

Refreshing, easy, thrilling and unforgettable - Sangria Verde is our favourite cocktail for this summer, of course served in an outstanding glass!

Here are the ingredients for 6 people, the perfect summer secret for a cool moment:

- 1 Honeydew melon, small

- 1 Seedless White Grapes Pack - 500 g

- 1 Seedless Cucumber

- 2 bottles fruity wine ( for a special effect- Prosecco will do )

- 500 ml Rum

- 12 Mint, fresh leaves

- Ice.

How to do it?

1. Wash the grapes and cut them in two.

2. With a teaspoon, slice the melon.

3. Peel of the cucumber and cut it in very thin slices.

4. Put all the above in a big recipient and add the wine and the rum.

5. Add the mint leaves and leave all in the fridge for minimum 2 hours.

6. Add ice and serve in a Pina Colada Glass !

Would you like to impress even more and leave an impression of elegance and style, then chose a Crystal Glass.

Want a professional to do it for you, call our favourite mobile bar - Illusions Bar !


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