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Restaurant, pizzeria, social bar or … all in one?

The restaurants and bistros…some may say that have had their time in terms of fashion and trend and they would prefer the social bars. I wished for a all-in-one experience as I really love the elegance of the restaurants, the great food of the bistros and a refreshing drink.

A friend once asked me what a social bar is. I answered “Well, if you want to speak louder…” It is a bar that keeps the elegance of the concept and differentiates itself from a classic pub, but offers a little more, a friendly place where you could come with a date, a friend or a business partner.

I personally do not like drinking without eating so why not having a bit of the fineness and the style of a classic restaurant, the simplicity of a pizzeria and the detached atmosphere of a social bar? Am I asking too much for York?

York is an iconic and vibrant city that attracts 7 million tourists every year. It is rich in ancient history and one of Britain’s most famous and appreciated touristic destination. This where I live! York’s society is dense, colourful, mix. Food and drink businesses had to adapt to the request of this society and come up with unique concepts.

D’Vine is, in my opinion, the best three story experience – social bar, pizzeria and restaurant with an impressive selection of wines, food specials and expertly crafted bar fare.

Offering an affordable style, D’Vine is something else that I definitely advice you to experience! Multinational, multicultural and multilingual, D’Vine is a place for everybody where all customers are received with a wide smile and great food!

15 Alexandra Court

James Street 


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