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Perfect table setting - our mission

Table setting - it might seem a trivial gesture ...Is it? No!

I have learned this since I was a child from my beloved mother. Table setting is one of those special things and it is a demonstration of style, a great challenge to show good taste, one of those details that truly matter! It is about respect and care, I could even say it is about

What is table setting? Well, it refers to the placement of tableware, glassware, eating utensils for both serving and eating.

Nowadays informal settings have fewer utensils and dishes but use a layout base. Traditionally, fork, butter knife and napkin are generally placed to the left of the dinner plate and knives, spoons, stemware and tumblers, cups and saucers to the right. For a detailed presentation please watch the video bellow.

We, the Gama (York ) team have as mission to help you set the perfect table!

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