SPARKLE It Renovator Powder 2.5 kg is a free-flowing detergent powder formulated for the removal of stains from drinking glasses caused by yeast and proteins. It gives improved head retention and lacing effects as well as being non-tainting to glassware.


It restores glassware through the removal of non-rinse-able films and the cleaning of rotary brush and cabinet glass wash machines.


SPARKLE It Renovator Powder removes cloudiness and leaves your glasses sparkling like new.

How to use

Prepare cabinet glass-wash by isolating the detergent feed and draining the machine. Load the machine with the glasses and fill with clean water. Bring to operating temperature. Add 1oz of powder per gallon of water and run through full cleaning cycle. Drain machine, reconnect detergent supply and run through normal cleaning programme. If you have no machine available, soak glasses for 10 minutes in a bucket then rinse thoroughly.


Product features

  • Sold in Tub of 2.5 Kgs
  • Removes all Stains
  • Removes Yeasts & Proteins
  • Removes Cloudiness
  • Excellent Results


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SPARKLE It Glass Renovator Powder 2.5 kg


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