Paraffin Lamp Oil 1 l the clear, high purity and odourless lamp oil for your indoor lamps. Also great to identify it's ideal for other petroleum or oil burners and stove. Odour free fuel can be used indoors or outdoors due to its high purity.

Due to its unique formulation, burns  Cater Bright Paraffin Lamp Oil clean and almost odourless.  That is why you can use it without any problems also for indoor use. The but always on good ventilation and oxygen supply should be taken. 

Drip-free filling with  Cater Bright Paraffin Lamp Oil 1 l tube bottle is designed to make you fill up lamp or cooking really easy and clean, as on the neck of the bottle is a handy filling tube attached.

Cater Bright Paraffin Lamp Oil 1 l

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